With the Roanoke School Board voting Monday to change the name of Stonewall Jackson Middle School , there are now 13 public schools in Virginia that have Confederate names, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center .

The 13 are spread across the commonwealth:

  1. Lee Davis High School - Hanover County
  2. Robert E. Lee Elementary School - Spotsylvania County
  3. Robert E. Lee High School - Staunton
  4. Robert E. Lee High School - Fairfax County
  5. Stonewall Jackson Middle School - Hanover County
  6. Stonewall Jackson Elementary School - Bristol
  7. Stonewall Elementary School - Frederick County
  8. Stonewall Jackson Middle School - Manassas
  9. Stonewall Jackson High School - Manassas
  10. Stonewall Jackson High School - Shenandoah County
  11. Stuart Elementary School - Patrick County
  12. Washington-Lee Elementary School - Bristol
  13. Washington-Lee High School - Arlington

The SPLC reports that the number of Confederate schools has decreased in Virginia this year as six schools have decided to change their hames this year, with a seventh slated to make the change in 2019.

  1. A.P. Hill Elementary School - Petersburg
  2. J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School - Richmond
  3. J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School - Petersburg
  4. Jefferson Davis Middle School - Hampton
  5. The Campus at Lee - Hampton
  6. Robert E. Lee Elementary School - Petersburg
  7. J.E.B. Stuart High School - Falls Church (2019)